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  • Unfortunately nothing new but something rather old. What you see here, is my old homepage at the institute, which meanwhile has been substituted by this here, but which is also obsolete now. Sometime, I will renew this site...
I studied physics at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany. At it's Institute for Physics of Metals and Nuclear Solid State Physics, I wrote my master thesis and worked as a research assistent in the field of mechanical spectroscopy on amorphous metals. After I changed to the Institute of Operating Systems and Computer Networks of Prof. Dr. Zitterbart, I left Braunschweig in March 2001 and went to the University of Karlsruhe, Institute of Telematics.

My main research interests were signaling and management of resource allocations in the Differentiated Services framework, on which I also wrote my PhD thesis end of 2007. Since then I am a research engineer at the Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs in Stuttgart.

My work involved
  • QoS extensions for the Web: implementations for Apache, Mozilla, Squid
  • PDBs for Diffserv: especially transaction supporting, delay-bounded PDBs
  • Management of Diffserv: centralized & "path-decoupled"
  • Mobility management: optimized route optimization for MIPv6
  • Multicast routing: IPv6 multicast source routing header
  • QoS-supported multicast: overlay multicast as well as native IP multicast

See my homepage at the Institute of Telematics and at the Bell Labs.


Info: Due to lack of time the following lists are somehow outdated, but I will try to update them as soon as possible...

Here I try to sort some of the RFCs and Internet Drafts, so that I can easily retrieve the ones I am interested in. But maybe it's also of use for others...

Hint: Older revisions of Internet Drafts are still accessible via the "obsolete/ " subfolders, i.e. instead of .../pim/draft-ietf-pim-sm-v2-new you can use .../pim/obsolete/draft-ietf-pim-sm-v2-new-06 or just list the directory. Alternatively i. e. waterprings.org and Geoff Huston have all(?) RFCs and I-Ds online, including expired ones! Furthermore, Geoff Huston has a nice RFC index.

Quality of Service
TCP and more
Multipurpose Protocols
Mail & News
April Fool's jokes and more



The Annotated XML Specification (by Tim Bray)


OMNeT++ Object Oriented Discrete Event Simulator
The Network Simulator ns-2
NIST NET Network Emulation Package

Literature search engines

RFC Editor's RFC Index Search Engine
IETF ID Tracker
IETF Tools
Geoff Huston's Potaroo.net IETF & RIR document repository
All RFCs & I-Ds, also expired ones
CiteSeer.IST - Scientific Literature Digital Library
DBLP Computer Science Bibliography
IEEE Explore (resticted access)
ACM Digital Library Search (restricted access)

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